As an employee benefits specialist, MassMutual Asia is dedicated to meeting the different needs of employers as well as employees. This means the delivery of not only quality service, but also of a wide range of need-driven insurance products that suit our customers’ varied requirements.

Highest flexibility to meet your needs

We offer a broad array of Employee Benefits Schemes geared towards the needs of the local business community. With our expertise and experience, we are able to provide customized group insurance schemes to fully protect different corporations with different risk profiles. These include:

  • cost estimations according to your budget
  • customized benefit programs according to given objectives
  • set-up cost containment programs at your request

As the industry innovator, MassMutual Asia provides the flexible group insurance plan, FLEXI-Plan, which is still one of the very few truly flexible group insurance plans in the market. It offers a menu of options to employees in which they can adjust their own plans to suit their individual needs at any time.


Total convenience for you

We recognize the importance of providing quality support services to customers. Our highly efficient administration and claims departments have streamlined work procedures and provided quick-response customer services. To help employers and employees manage their insurance schemes better, we:

  • adopt a one-stop service concept which allows us to appoint a designated customer service staff to serve all your group insurance needs
  • provide medical advice and consultancy services on all medical questions
  • provide a Medical Credit Card that is widely accepted by major private hospitals and clinics all over Hong Kong.
Excellent efficiency to serve you

At MassMutual Asia, we strive to provide quality and efficient services. Thanks to our commitment to offer prompt turn around times, we are pleased to have achieved highly efficient average processing times as follows:

Services       Processing Time
Enrollment  - Member movement   8 working days
Claims - Hospitalization Claim  8 working days 
- Out-patient / Dental Claims  5 - 7 working days
Enquiry   - Telephone  1 working day
- Written 3 working days

For details, please call our Institutional Business Hotline (852) 2533 5511

YF Life Insurance International Ltd. is not a subsidiary or a group company of Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company.