Your retirement should be a time of freedom and choice -- an opportunity to kick back and enjoy yourself. The reality is that it takes a considerable amount of preparation to make that happen.

Start by honestly analyzing your current financial situation and assessing what you're going to need when you retire. Develop an investment strategy to help you get there. Finally, review your insurance coverage to be sure that it supports your long-term goals.

Fortunately, retirement planning is easier than it used to be. There is an almost endless supply of resources at your disposal. The challenge is to take advantage of the information and tools that are available. Make some smart choices now, and you'll be well on your way to a comfortable, independent and worry-free retirement.

MassMutual Asia offers innovative products and the quality services of qualified professionals - a strong combination that you can trust to help you meet your commitments and dreams in a changing world. It's difficult to predict what unexpected events the future may hold. We can help you prepare to meet most of the challenges life throws your way and provide a lasting relationship to help you meet your financial goals. For inquiries, please contact our consultants.
How you can prepare ...

Although the MPF will provide you with retirement protection, will it be enough to fund a comfortable retirement? Annuities can provide you with a stream of life-long income during your retirement. Early planning can help you fund a comfortable retirement. Investing even a modest amount of money in an annuity plan on a regular basis over a number of years can help provide you with regular retirement income.

Life insurance

Life insurance should be an essential part of your retirement plan. The proceeds can be used to help your loved ones secure a comfortable lifestyle if you die, or provide you with a supplemental funding source for your own retirement.

Disability Income Benefits

What would happen to your retirement contributions should you suddenly become unable to earn a living? Disability income insurance can help protect your ability to make retirement contributions, helping to ensure a comfortable retirement.

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