What is "Cash Value"?

Cash Value is an amount accumulated by the policy. This amount can be withdrawn at any time by the policyowner.

What is "Policy Value"?

Policy Value starts to accumulate from the first policy year. The death benefit payable upon death of the life insured is calculated based on the policy value according to the Death Benefit Option.

How is "Death Benefit" paid?

Death Benefit is payable to the beneficiary upon death of the life insured. With the “Level Benefit Option”, the death benefit is either the policy value or the basic sum insured less all withdrawals made in the 12 months preceding the date of death, whichever is the higher. With the “Increasing Benefit Option”, the death benefit is equal to the basic sum insured plus the policy value.

What is "Guaranteed Interest Rate"?

Our strong financial strength allows the Company to guarantee that, whatever the investment return of a policy, the Policy Value under it will accumulate as if the credited interest rate has been at least 3% p.a. This guaranteed interest rate is applicable to any policy which has been in force for 15 years or more.

What is "Policy Enhancement Option"?

To enhance the value of your policy, you may opt for the Policy Enhancement Option which will automatically increase the Sum Insured annually.

YF Life Insurance International Ltd. is not a subsidiary or a group company of Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company.